What is staging?

Staging is depersonalizing the Seller’s home and taking the “Seller’s personal taste” out of the home. Staging is about creating the space for the buyer to envision their life in this home, not decorating. Decorating is the opposite, as it is creating a personal home for the Seller.

Why stage if your home is fully furnished?

Staging a fully furnished home means opening up the home by removing the Seller’s personal items, as well as removing excess furniture. Staging creates an environment where buyers can visualize their own belongings and furniture in the home.

Why stage if your home is empty?

Staging an empty home produces visualize imagery where a buyer can imagine themselves living in the home. Staging creates an emotional attachment to a certain lifestyle that is represented in the home. In addition, empty rooms appear smaller and quite often a buyer does not have a sense that their furniture can fit within the rooms.

Staging creates the surroundings where the buyer can slow down, absorb the home and imagine that this is the home of their dreams.

What is Virtual Staging?