“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Michelle Barshay and Benjamin Barshay of Barshay Brokerage. My parents bought their wonderful apartment 30 years ago with Michelle’s help and Michelle and Benjamin recently helped me sell this same apartment. They are outstanding in providing the following services:
Coordinating services for preparing the apartment for the market.
Helping us move everything out of the apartment even though we were out of the country at the time.
Staging our apartment at a minimal cost to us.
Marketing our apartment
Providing us with frequent communications, timely updates and excellent advice. Negotiating a very satisfactory price for our apartment.” MG & DG

“I have enlisted Barshay Brokerage when I rented my apartment in 2003 and in 2015. Michelle was extremely knowledgeable, professional and also took a personal interest. She gave me invaluable advise of the steps I needed to take to complete the process such as how to update and renovate the apartment, listing the apartment, and most important; securing a good tenant. Michelle was able to navigate the complicated Board approval process and get this done with no intervention on my part. As a result, I have an excellent tenant that is very happy and pays his rent on time. One last note, Michelle also negotiated additional requests that came from the tenant and myself. Again, Michelle was able to work out successful arrangements between the tenant and myself. I would highly recommend Michelle’s services to all who are looking to rent or buy a property.” AM

“We have worked with Benjamin and Michelle Barshay for many years. They are very thorough and very professional in everything they do. Benjamin and Michelle have often made suggestions to help us update our apartment for rental, and we were always very pleased with the results of their suggestions. Benjamin and Michelle always find the right tenant for us, and most importantly, they handle all of the paperwork that the Board needs for rental approval.” Joan E.

“Ben helped me sublet my apartment twice. When I first contacted him, I expressed a preference for long-term occupancy. Ben took my request to heart and found a tenant who rented the apartment for more than 5 years. When he left, Ben found someone who has been renting the apartment for the past 16 years. Throughout those 21 years, Ben has promptly, patiently, and thoroughly answered all my questions about the apartment and real estate in general. I greatly appreciate and highly recommend his professional, informed, and courteous service”. Dr. Alon O., PHD.

“The apartment needed a complete cosmetic restoration in order to be sold. Michelle and Benjamin took care of every detail of the restoration from the planning stages, to picking out every electrical outlet, door knob and, more importantly, always being available to meet with contractors and repairmen. Michelle and Benjamin transformed the apartment. Professional photographers showed it to its best advantage and the Barshay’s marketing skills were excellent. Michelle and Benjamin are extremely savvy, professional, knowledgeable, energetic, honest and a pleasure to work with. There were no problems for which Michelle and her partner Benjamin did not have a solution. There were no requests made of Michelle and Benjamin that were not acceded to, no matter how inconvenient or difficult. It was a pleasure to work with Michelle and her partner Benjamin.” MG & DG