Our clients’ satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, so we provide the same high level of service and marketing regardless of the price point. We work as a team to ensure that any information or assistance you need is immediately available.

We use our extensive knowledge of the real estate market to help you accomplish your goals. Our agents have backgrounds in such diverse fields as design, film production, information technology, accounting, academics, etc. We attend seminars and classes, visit open houses, and study the market intensively to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments. Our team is constantly evolving, improving and adapting to provide the best service to our clients.

Our network of professional colleagues and advisers include leading attorneys, tax consultants, appraisers, and mortgage bankers and brokers. It’s the level of service we provide that makes us who we are. We go far beyond the standard marketing provided by the vast majority of brokers. The sale of your home is likely your most important financial transaction. We take that very seriously and look forward to showing you how we will help you realize the best result.